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Located in Thunder Bay, A &R Garage Doors services all surrounding areas including; Nipigon, Longlac, Géraldton, Terrace Bay, Marathon and everything in between. We provide servicing to all brands of manual and wifi enabled garage doors and openers, including; Steel-Craft door products, Richard Wilcox, Lift-Master garage door openers Chamberlain and Sears garage door openers.

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Enhance the curb appeal of your home with the best garage door designs. Custom designs, wifi garage doors and more!

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Garage Door Service & Repair

Qualified garage door repair technicians are available for all of your garage door service and repair needs.

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We install and service garage door systems for condominiums, apartments, and industrial applications.

Old broken rusty garage door spring how to repair

Broken Garage Door Spring?

Garage doors are very heavy and need the assistance of a garage door spring to open. Over time, garage door springs wear out, get weak and then break. Garage door repairs should only be done by a qualified door technician since these garage door springs are under extreme pressure and can cause death.

The garage door spring is a critical component to your garage door. Essentially, a garage door spring helps counteract the force of gravity on your door allowing for seamless up and down movement. A broken garage door spring can easily be diagnosed by looking for separation in the garage door spring above your door.

Evidently, if you suspect you have a broken garage door spring, we will send a technician to repair it and get that door open for you as soon as possible.

Wifi Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener not working?

We are very knowledgeable about garage door openers and can usually diagnose the problem over the phone. At this point we can let you know what the problem is with just a few questions.

Need it repaired? No problem, we can usually get you back up and running same day if not the next.

broken sections of garage door are stuck while opening

Damaged Garage Door Section(s)?

Evidently, a lot of customers accidentally drive into their garage doors causing sections to crack or damage. This does not always require a complete replacement. A&R Garage Door Service professional can often reinforce the existing section, allowing your door to both look and function as it did prior to the accident. Saving you money in the process!

where to find certain garage door parts for replacement thunder bay

Need parts for your garage door?

We have parts for all makes of garage doors and most openers, if not we can surely order what you need from our suppliers.

Looking for a new garage door? Browse our many garage door styles. All of our garage doors are Canadian made with an insulation factor to withstand our cold Canadian winters.

Lastly, if you are looking for a quality garage door openers (including wifi garage openers) we only sell the best! Browse the garage door openers we offer.