Commercial Garage Doors

A&R Garage Doors sells the highest quality Commercial Garage Doors

All overhead garage doors, barrier gates, garage door openers, and specialty products for your commercial or industrial business.

Above all, A&R Garage Door’s sectional overhead garage doors come in a variety of styles and are ideal for multiple purposes. For example, industrial warehouses, car dealerships/auto centres, condominium parking garages, and townhouse developments. Both insulated and non-insulated garage door options are available in order to supply everything you might possibly need. We also offer the latest commercial and industrial electric garage door openers, available in both Trolley and Jackshaft operators.

Thunder Bay Custom Commercial Garage Door Installation

Commercial Garage Door Styles

Enhance the curb appeal of your business with new beautiful garage doors.

Commercial Garage Door Openers in Thunder Bay

Commercial Garage Door Openers

New or replacement electric openers make opening your garage effortless.

Thunder Bay Commercial Garage Door Repairs

Commercial Garage Door Repairs

We specialize in both residential and commercial garage door repair, including condominiums, warehouses, and more. 

Commercial Overhead Doors

We know that your commercial doors can take a beating. For this reason we build quality, tough commercial doors to withstand the daily wear and tear of businesses. Our company boasts a complete selection of performance and safety-tested commercial and industrial upward-acting doors. This also includes rolling-steel garage doors. We also manufacture a wide array of styles to meet your business needs. From insulated and non-insulated commercial doors for internal/external applications to high-performance, sectional-steel and fire-rated doors. 

Roll-Up or Coiling Commercial Doors

Rolling service and garage doors from A&R provide efficiency and flexibility for interior and exterior use. Achieve a personalized look with the low-maintenance, rust-resistant construction of our coiling steel sheet doors. Now available with a range of gauges and colours to choose from. A&R also provides compact solutions such as coiling counter doors and shutters. This includes concession stands, pharmacy counters and storage areas with motorized, hand crank or push-up designs.

Maintaining Your Garage Door System

Overhead Door openers​ and garage doors are built with longevity in-mind. By performing a few routine tasks, you can help ensure your garage door system stays safe and stands the test of time. One important part of garage door system routine maintenance is to make sure the photo-eyes have not gone out of alignment. The photo-eyes are the infrared sensors which monitor whether the space at the bottom of your garage door is clear. When these sensors are not lined up properly they will keep your door from closing. Make sure to occasionally check your photo-eyes’ alignment to ensure they are correctly detecting obstructions to keep your garage door safe and operating properly.

How To Pick The Best Garage Door

In Summary, when picking the best garage door for you, a good place to start is with material type. Most garage doors are made from either wood, steel or fiberglass. These three materials are strong, durable and each have their unique benefits at various price points.