Garage Door Repair

A&R Garage Doors employs only the most qualified, committed and professional service and repair technicians to help with your garage door. It is unlikely that a problem arises with your garage door that our service technicians haven’t solved before. Check out some of our recent garage door repair projects on Facebook!

Avoid Repair: How to Maintain Your Garage Door in 3 Easy Steps

The garage door is an essential part of your home. It is often used as a main entry point and of course as the key location for storing your cars and other valuables. For this reason, garage door repairs may happen from time to time. The average garage door is used at least 4 times daily. From the kids riding their bikes, to summer road trips or the daily commutes to and from work, your garage door is the largest and most frequently used opening to your household.

This can lead to meaningful wear and tear on your garage door, electric opener and associated parts.

If you are in the minority and your garage door is used less frequently, infrequent activity can also cause your garage door to fail.

We never recommend that homeowners attempt to repair their own garage door. You can extend the life of your door with a few simple steps including:

  • Lubricating springs and cables
  • Removing any rust and identifying any developing damages
  • Giving it a Clean

DIY Garage Door Checkup

In order to determine the current state of your garage door, you can perform the following DIY check-up.

Let’s say you’re opening your garage door at least 4 times a day. This is fairly normal—once or twice when leaving in the morning, and the same for when you return in the evening. This means your garage is opening and closing at least 50 times a week and at least 2,000 times a year.

That’s a lot of wear and tear on your garage door. Fortunately with these garage door maintenance tips you can help minimize the probability of your door breaking down in a time of need.

In order to determine the status of your garage door, we suggest preforming A&R’s three step, pre-dial inspection before calling A&R Garage Doors.

Step 1: Exterior Inspection

Begin by looking around the exterior of your door, examining the outer panel and the associated parts for early stages of rust and apparent damage.

Ultimately, rust and prior damages are the most frequent catalysts to cause your garage system to malfunction. If untouched, rust can become detrimental to your garage door system.

Once you finished examining for rusting areas, it is important to look for possible signs of corrosion. Stemming from long lasting, untouched rust, corrosion can lead to dangerous system failures and potential injury.

Step 2: Interior Inspection

Once you’ve completed the exterior examination, your next step is looking at the garage door parts found within the interior of the garage.

Spring Assessment: First things first, you need to observe the condition of the springs inside your garage.

Typically, these springs are found above the system panel which is located either above or along the sides of your garage door. Depending on the type of door that you have, there could possibly be two springs within your system. Once identified, scan for signs of rust and overt damages. If a moderate amount of rust begins to take over an area of your system.

Rust has the ability to impair the function of your springs and can act as the foundation for a potential safety hazard in the future.

Cable Evaluation: Along with rust, make sure to check for other signs of potential damage associated with your garage cables. If you are able to see the cables found on the top of your door beginning to fray—call our emergency hotline to come and replace your cables ASAP.

Step 3: Auditory Inspection

Once you’ve completed the interior assessment, you can move onto the auditory inspection,

Fortunately, this part of the process is not overly challenging. There should never be a concerning sound coming from your garage door. If you hear grinding, creaking, crunching, groaning or any other exceptional noises coming from your garage door, a serious problem may be developing.

The vast majority of problems associated with these noises result from bent, rusted or damaged garage door parts.

Both the springs and cables are only supposed to last a certain amount of time and, if not properly maintained, pose as a serious long-term threat to the integrity of your door.

Frequently lubricating your springs can help extend the lifespan of your door however, a tune-up by our A&R Garage Doors specialist is typically much more affordable in the long-run and ensures the job is done right.

Common Garage Door Repair Issues

Broken Spring?

Doors are very heavy and need the assistance of a spring to open. Over time springs wear out, get weak and then break. Garage door repairs should only be done by a qualified door technician since these springs are under extreme pressure and can cause death.

The garage spring is a critical component to your garage door. Essentially, a spring helps counteract the force of gravity on your door allowing for seamless up and down movement. A broken spring can easily be diagnosed by looking for separation in the spring above your door.

Evidently, if you suspect you have a broken spring we will send a technician to repair it and get that door open for you as soon as possible.

Garage door opener not working?

We are very knowledgeable about garage door openers and can usually diagnose the problem over the phone. At this point we can let you know what the problem is with just a few questions.

Need it repaired? No problem, we can usually get you back up and running same day if not the next.

Damaged Section(s)?

Evidently, a lot of customers accidentally drive into their garage doors causing sections to crack or damage. This does not always require a complete replacement. A&R Garage Door Service professional can often reinforce the existing section, allowing your door to both look and function as it did prior to the accident. Saving you money in the process!

Need Parts?

We have parts for all makes of garage doors and most openers, if not we can surely order what you need from our suppliers.

Looking for a new door? Browse our many styles here. These doors are Canadian made with an insulation factor to withstand our cold Canadian winters.

Lastly, if you are looking for a quality garage door openers we only sell the best! Browse the garage door openers we offer here.