Garage Door Service & Repair

We specialize in both residential and commercial garage door repair in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas, including; Nipigon, Longlac, Géraldton, Terrace Bay and Marathon. This includes service and repair to garage doors in condominiums, industrial warehouses, and car dealerships. A&R Garage Doors also provides garage door opener repair and replacement, along with preventative garage door maintenance to ensure it’s always in optimal working condition. Check out some of our recent projects on Facebook!

Residential Garage Door Repair

Certainly, you’ll never know when you might need garage door service or garage door opener repair. Repairs can include replacement of your springs, cables or rollers. If the garage door spring/cable breaks or if your opener acts up, no matter what the reason, you need someone out there in a hurry.

Garage Door Opener Repair

When it comes to your garage door repairs or garage door opener repairs, we service most makes and models.

Commercial Garage Door Service

A&R Garage Doorsalso offers service to industrial customers. This includes condominiums, townhouses, warehouses and other industrial facilities with garage doors.

Preventative Maintenance

Are you looking for preventative maintenance? At A&R Garage Doors, we offers preventative maintenance plans for both residential and commercial customers. Our detailed checklists and service ensure the optimal working condition and safety of your garage door. Give us a call today.

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Common Garage Door Issues

Do these common garage door issues sound familiar? A service technician is always available to help.

We heard a loud bang coming from our garage door?

You likely have a broken garage door spring. Regardless, this is not a repair you should attempt yourself. If your garage door is heavy and can’t be lifted, it’s because you don’t have the spring to help counterbalance the weight. Given that a garage door spring has a limited number of cycles (up and down) until it will break. Changes in weather can also accelerate your need to replace your garage door spring.

We're locked out of our garage.

If you have a vaulted garage that means there is no side entrance. Presently you only have one way into your garage and that is through the garage door. It is important to install a lock on your door if this is your situation. A&R Garage Doors technicians can always find a way into your garage.

I can hear my garage door opener working but the door is not moving.

In that case, A&R Garage Doors could service nearly any garage door opener. It often makes sense to replace your operator as opposed to getting it serviced. If your garage door opener is making noise but the door is not moving, make sure your door is not set to manual. You maybe also need to get your garage door gear replaced.

Our garage door is tilted on an angle?

There is a good chance your garage door cable is either broken or has fallen off. Furthermore, there are many reasons this could happen including impact or just wear and tear.

The garage door is stuck to the ground.

Our Canadian climate can wreak havoc on our garage doors. Installing a new garage door can help mitigate this issue as you will be getting a thick bottom rubber that is designed to avoid freezing. That said, heavily salt the area at the bottom of your door and wait until the door unfreezes to open it.

My garage door is making a lot of noise.

In a word, we would recommend you lubricate and maintain your garage door. The first thing to do is lubricate your door with Jigaloo. If that doesn’t work, give A&R Garage Doors a ring and book a service call.

The garage door is only opening halfway?

If your garage door is only opening halfway, it is possibly an issue with your electric opener. Specifically you could have an issue with the garage door limits or something unrelated.

Garage doors are not closing or starting to close and going back up.

Garage doors not closing or starting to close and going back up is our most common phone call. The good news is this is likely the simplest issue to solve. Firstly, you could have an issue with your garage door photoeyes / safety sensors. Secondly, you want to make sure your photoeyes (sensors at bottom of the garage door) are clean and pointed directly at one another. Lastly, you are looking for two solid green lights.

The garage door remotes or keypad is not working.

There are many online tutorials that can help you program your garage door remotes and keypad. Always try replacing your batteries first.