About A&R Garage Doors

Beautiful Mural on Garage Door in Thunder Bay

A&R Garage Doors has been servicing garage doors in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas for over 20 years and would like to say thank you! We can’t wait to build (or continue) a relationship with you, your family or business as we fulfill needs.

Our staff take pride in selling only the best in garage doors and garage door openers in Thunder Bay. As well as, our certified garage door service technicians that are experts in both residential and commercial garage door systems.

Custom garage doors are our favourites as you can see in the photo to the left. If you have an idea for being different, we would love to help you with that and bring your vision to life. About the photo: this is a caricature of a local doctor. We worked together with a local artist to have this work of art installed out at camp. Absolutely stunning as you drive up the driveway to this custom garage door masterpiece.

In the past 20 plus years, we’ve serviced numerous garage doors in the Thunder Bay and area. A&R Garage Doors have developed close relationships with many customers who rely on our expertise.

As our customers know, if they have an issue with your garage door, we are always there just a phone call away! Usually we will answer the phone day or night as we know when issues arise it can be quite worrisome. Such as a broken garage door with your car is stuck inside. We take that worry away and if it’s an emergency we will come and get your car out of your garage so you can get to your appointments on time.

If you ever have any questions or problems with your garage door or garage door opener, give A&R Garage Doors a call. We will always try to help you over the phone if we can to save you from a service charge. You can also find us on Facebook for the latest A&R Garage Door news!

Custom Garage Door Case Study

This was a custom garage door we intsalled for a customer in Thunder Bay who wanted more room in their garage. With having a high garage ceiling, we added an extra floor for more storage space and converted the garage door too. This way it would open above the upper floor. Needless to say they were quite pleased with the outcome.

Adding a second floor to the garage in this custom work in Thunder Bay

Here you can see we have started to take down the existing tracks and garage door opener and started putting up the high-lift tracks.

A look at the garage door from inside

In this photo you can see the end result with the garage door going up and disappearing into the ceiling.

Garage door lifts above second floor

Lastly, you can see the garage door fully open with a fully usable floor for extra storage