MyQ Smart Garage Video Keypad

 Video Doorbell, Meet The Garage

The Smart Garage Video Keypad lets homeowners see and control who opens their garage door. Homeowners can manage household access by assigning unique PIN codes for family, guests, or service providers.

The Garage Keypad, Re-Envisioned

You are the ultimate expert in the garage space. As the smart home space continues to grow, homeowners desire solutions that give them more visibility and control over their homes. With the Smart Garage Video Keypad you are the first to offer your customers innovative smart garage solutions they are already looking for.


You are already installing a best-in-class garage door opener for your customers. Why not offer your customers a first-to-market “smart home” version of the traditional garage door keypad? Be the source that can provide your customers with the innovative smart garage products they are asking for.


The myQ Video Keypad is revolutionizing the way homeowners keep their homes safe and secure by offering advanced features not available in traditional garage keypads. This cutting-edge device will be available in June 2023, so start planning ahead now! With its motion detection alerts, two-way audio capabilities, live video streaming feature, and easy integration with other smart devices – this device provides unparalleled peace of mind for homeowners seeking top notch security for their homes. Contact us today if you have any questions about this product or would like to place an order. Get ready for the future of home security today!

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