Thunder Bay’s most popular door can be seen in most new homes built in the last 20 years.

Meet Steel-Craft’s go to garage door when durability, energy efficiency and good looks are called for. For this reason, ThermoCraft is made of top quality, high grade Canadian steel and Steel-Craft’s proudly over engineered parts. As well as, fade resistant, accept paint easily, and won’t corrode.

Available in two insulation ratings — T-12 with an R-Value 10 and the thicker T-16 with an R-Value 16 — ThermoCraft doors are made to keep warmth in and winter out. As well as, double finned steel/nylon weather stripping, mechanical interlocking joints and an Arctic grade bottom weather seal help ensure the door is energy efficient and will stand up to a Canadian winter.

As a result, the galvanized steel doors feature attractive panelling and offer you a choice of four colours and many window styles. Our unnecessary warranty covers all ThermoCraft doors.

Steel-Craft’s ThermoCraft

When it comes to selecting durable and appealing garage door openers, A&R Garage Doors is your go-to destination. By comparison, we are a reliable dealer in Thunder Bay offering Steel-Craft’s best garage doors made of top-quality, high-grade Canadian steel. These doors are fade-resistant, accept paint easily, and would not corrode.

Why Choose ThermoCraft Garage Doors?

A few features that ensure the door is energy-efficient and will stand up to a Canadian winter. This includes double-finned steel, Nylon weather stripping, Mechanical locking joints, and Arctic-grade bottom weather seal.

ThermoCraft Garage Door

Other Styles

A&R Garage Doors also has many other styles and colours available.
If you have something specific you are looking for reach out and contact us so we can find what you are looking for.


This is our more modern look to the thermocraft

Carriage Craft

 This is our more carriage house style door

Flush Series

This is our fully customizable door if you like windows and a smooth look